Вот нашла интервью одного реппера Иствуда. Вот кусок, в котором говорится о Руди.
Dubcnn: Eastwood, I heard you have been dealing with Rudy Youngblood from “Apocalypto”…

Eastwood: Yeah, Rudy Youngblood, that’s my nigga. Shout out to Rudy Youngblood. Remember the movie I was telling you about, “Outcast”? I actually scored that last night [because of] him bringing the director out. He was at the show last night, came to check me out, and he brought the director out. The director loved damn near everything about me, from the movement, to the swag, to the way I was dressed, to the show, my family, he loved everything! So he tied me into the movie! [There were no] if, ands, or buts, no pre-reading the script or nothing, it was just automatically done, so I thought that was a blessing. That wouldn’t be possible without my nigga Rudy, and shout out to my nigga Tommy too. Tommy is the one who introduced me to Rudy. Tommy is my dogg, just a brother from another mother. He just laced me knowing that Rudy is in the acting world, he’s big, and they were already close homies.

Shit, Eastwood is [Tommy’s] partner, I’m already in the music industry and I’m big, and we’re homies! So we tied the knot, just on some corporate shit. I come to find out that Rudy kicks it just like I kick it, he bleeds just like I bleed, and we breathe the same motherfuckin’ air. We get down the same way, we just have a ball. He’s a cool nigga. He ain’t nothing like the nigga you see in the movie, because that shit took like hella years of training, of learning that talk and all of that. So shout out to my nigga Rudy Youngblood. You’ll be seeing him in my music video, we’ll get that video crackin’ man!
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